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directory technical-issues 11-Jun-2020 10:17 - directory holy-mass-quality-tests 11-Jun-2020 10:28 - [SND] PH_26-ACN-2_HJ.wav 15-Nov-2020 17:53 914732k [SND] PH_25-ACN-1_HJ.wav 15-Nov-2020 17:52 885388k [SND] WT_006_HJ.wav 15-Nov-2020 17:29 797856k [SND] RMEY-1__2020-11-27_HJ_FINAL.wav 03-Dec-2020 07:15 660736k [SND] Padre's Hour Episode 1 updated 11.5.20.wav 22-May-2020 16:25 599488k [SND] PH_27-ACN-3_HJ.wav 15-Nov-2020 17:41 508284k [SND] Meet the World Family Episode 001.wav 22-May-2020 16:19 383504k [SND] POETRY-FOR-THE-SEASON_2020-11-30_HJ_FINAL.wav 03-Dec-2020 12:49 178128k [SND] Padre's Hour - Episode 003 - Update from the Archdiocese of Birmingham.mp3 27-May-2020 14:49 127376k [SND] PH005Refugees_1_HJ.mp3 10-Jun-2020 07:32 125768k [SND] Meet the World Family Episode 001.mp3 22-May-2020 16:24 119852k [SND] FF_005_Sandy_HJ.mp3 20-Jun-2020 18:58 105356k [SND] FF004.mp3 05-Jun-2020 05:54 105060k [SND] Padre's Hour Episode 1 - updated 11.5.20.mp3 22-May-2020 16:21 49392k [SND] CAFOD's Children's Liturgy 31.05.20.mp3 31-May-2020 15:57 34496k [SND] CAFOD's Children's Liturgy - 07.06.20.mp3 04-Jun-2020 11:07 34220k [SND] I-Believe_001_I-Believe_rd_final.mp3 18-Aug-2020 10:09 32848k [SND] Meet the World Family Episode 2.mp3 26-May-2020 13:02 23312k

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